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Organic Soyabean

Organic Soyabean : Organic Soybean is 100% Natural and NON GMO. It is broadly requested in the market because of the amounts of protein and mellow flavor. It is an entire breakfast which the protiens and sustenance’s soyabean seeds are by and large taking in morning because of which our body is charged entire day.

Organic Wheat

Organic wheat : Organic Wheat Grain can be grown and developed for new wheat grass, It is 100% characteristic and natural without utilizing synthetics and manures. The Wheat Grain Seeds, being a staple sustenance is utilized really taking shape of flour for raised, level and steamed breads; treats, cakes, breakfast oat, pasta, juice, noodles and so forth.

Organic Flax Seeds

Organic Flex Seeds : These crude, natural flax seeds are brilliant in more courses than one! Flax seeds are the world’s best wellspring of heart-sound, malady fightingomega-3 unsaturated fats. They’re stuffed with lignans, or micronutrients that go about as great cell reinforcements and hostile to inflammatories, along withthiamin, manganese, magnesium, and fiber. Crunchy, nutty brilliant flax seeds are a scrumptious expansion to servings of mixed greens, soups, granola, breads, smoothies and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Be that as it may, they’re simplest to process when ground- – take a stab at making your own natively constructed flaxseed feast for use as an egg replacer, protein-rich “bread pieces,” or a sans gluten preparing flour.

Organic Corn

Organic Corn : In spite of the fact that the India. is the world’s best producer of corn, 90% of these harvests are bioengineered. In India, around 70% of corn developed is hereditarily adjusted. With a developing interest for natural yields and insufficient local natural homesteads to address the issue, the Indian States imports an extraordinary measure of its natural corn from different nations that are developing harvests to a great extent free from bioengineering.

Organic Soyabean Meal

The optimum quality of our Wheat Seeds has placed it second among the cereal crops. The Wheat Grain Seeds, being a staple food is used in the making of flour for leavened, flat and steamed breads; cookies, cakes, breakfast cereal, pasta, juice, noodl

Organic Sesame

Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. Today India is the worlds largest producers of sesame followed by Burma, Sudan, Mexico, Nigeria, Venezuela, Turkey, Uganda, China and Ethiopia. Organic Sesame seeds (approximately 50% oil and 25% protein) are used in bakery and confectionary, candy making and other food industries. Oil from the seed is used in cooking, salad oils, margarine and contains about 47% oleic acid and 39 linoleic acid. Foods fried in sesame oil have a log shelf life because the oil contains a antioxidant called “sesamol”. The oil can be used in the manufacture of soaps, paints, perfumes, pharmaceuticals and insecticides

Organic Cotton Bales

Organic Cotton : Organic cotton (or characteristic cotton) is another awesome eco inviting texture. It is developed without the utilization of pesticides, herbicides or other compound composts, and is basically better for your wellbeing and the earth. Unit forms for the generation of cotton start with the seed at field, development, and ginning. Handling of cotton incorporates procedures, for example, opening, cleaning, blending, checking or brushing, drawing, meandering, turning, and weaving or sewing the texture.

Organic Full Fat Grits/Flour

The optimum quality of our Wheat Seeds has placed it second among the cereal crops. The Wheat Grain Seeds, being a staple food is used in the making of flour for leavened, flat and steamed breads; cookies, cakes, breakfast cereal, pasta, juice, noodl

Organic Crude Soybean Oil

Organic Soybean Oil is commonly used as a neutral ingredient or an organic fry oil. It has a very light, neutral flavor, and is almost clear in color. This oil is a great organic alternative to regular soybean or vegetable oil. It has a low cost in comparison to other organic oils, and is one of the most commonly used vegetable oils in the world.

Organic Rape Seed Meal

Rapeseed meal is used for feed purposes by direct injection into the diet of the animals and for feed production. The use of rapeseed meal in dairy farming leads to an increase in quantity and quality of the final product, that is increased milk yield and milk protein composition.
Rapeseed Meal is a coarse powdery material, produced from rapeseed cake after series of preparatory physical processes followed by multistage extraction of oil under hygienically controlled conditions.


The chickpea or chick pea (Cicer arietinum) is an annual legume of the family Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae. Its different types are variously known as gram or Bengal gram, garbanzo or garbanzo bean, and Egyptian pea. Chickpea seeds are high in protein. It is one of the earliest cultivated legumes, and 7500-year-old remains have been found in the Middle East. Chickpea is a key ingredient in hummus and chana masala, and it can be ground into flour to make falafel. It is also used in salads, soups and stews, curry and other meal products like channa. The chickpea is important in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, and in 2016, India produced 64% of the world’s total chickpeas

Cotton Oil Cake

We offer cotton seed cakes that are the solid matter that remains once oil has been extracted and pressed from cotton seeds. These cotton seed cakes are widely used in the industry for feeding cattle. We offered at competitive rates, our cotton seed cakes can be supplied to different parts of the world. Cotton seed cakes are the semi-solid material that remains after extracting the oil from the cotton seeds. We are widely well reckoned as one of the leading cotton seed cake manufacturers and exporters from India. Our cottonseed oil cake contains a large amount of protein, oil which makes it highly desirable for animal feed in India. We provide our cotton cake at very affordable prices which suits budget of all.

Cotton Seed Oil

Cottonseed oil is an excellent choice for fried snack foods where texture, mouthfeel, good aftertaste, and storage stability are prime considerations. Potato chips fried in cottonseed oil have a nutty flavor and are favored by US consumers. Worldwide cottonseed oil consumption amounts to 5.2 million metric tons. Cottonseed oil extraction plants are mainly in China, India, Pakistan, the United States, Brazil, and Turkey. Cottonseed oil is considered an excellent deep fat fryingoil because of the absence of linolenic acid and the high levels of tocopherols promoting long fry life.

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