Soya Meal Production

Soybean feast is the side-effect of the extraction of soybean oil. A few procedures exist, bringing about various items. Soybean feast is typically ordered for advertising by its rough protein content. There are two fundamental classifications of soybean supper, the "high-protein" soybean feast with 47-49% protein and 3% unrefined fiber, acquired from dehulled seeds, and the "ordinary" soybean dinner, with 43-44% protein, that contain the bodies. In dissolvable extricated soybean suppers, the oil content is normally lower than 2% while it surpasses 3% in mechanically-separated dinners.

SRFIPL has a most recent apparatus and advances that has a generation limit of 1500 MT for every month. What's more, our creation speed is high and furthermore give the best quality to the client.

The Soya Meal products produced by us are:

  1. Unadulterated
  2. Fresh and Dehydrated
  3. Insect free
  4. Free with bad odour

The success of every organization lies in the efforts and the expertise of its dedicated team in the various business domains. Our experienced team works consciously to offer a wide range of high quality products. All of our team members are well versed in their respective field of work.

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